About SABOT Miniatures LLC

SABOT Miniatures LLC

We would like to take a moment to announce some critical changes to SABOT Miniatures LLC.
It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we announce James Rice, well-known figure painter and sculptor, will be joining SABOT Miniatures LLC as a partner and owner along with Brett Avants, effective January 1, 2020. Jim brings to SABOT a powerhouse of talent, knowledge and ideas.
SABOT Miniatures LLC, originally founded as SABOT Publications LLC, started in January 2016 as a publisher of full-color, high quality photo reference books for the scale modeling community. In June 2019, we switched gears to SABOT Miniatures LLC. Our focus is still, as it has always been, to improve the world of scale miniature modeling through top quality products, outstanding service, and world-class skill-building and education.
SABOT Miniatures LLC is quickly becoming one of the top miniatures companies in the United States. We carry many unique figure lines from all over the world, and offer our customers exceptional customer service with one of the largest in-stock selections anywhere.
“SABOT Miniatures is not just a seller of fine miniatures, but we want to be a force for good in the figure and miniature hobby, providing exceptional products, service and educational/skill-building programs as well,” explains Brett Avants. “Jim’s world-class talent and skills, his ideas and his love for painting and sculpting will be a tremendous asset to SABOT and for the hobby.”
“I am excited to join SABOT at this critical juncture,” said Jim. “SABOT is already a successful company, but we are going to be doing things no one is doing in North America to include bringing in the best product from all around the world, providing regular support to our local and national level shows and to offer educational opportunities to help grow our individual skills. Our intent is to give back to a hobby that as given us so much.”
As exciting as these times are, it is with great sadness that we announce that Chris Mrosko, a founding member and owner of SABOT Miniatures LLC, formerly SABOT Publications LLC, has stepped down from the company. His resignation was effective October 31, 2019. Chris is a well-known armor modeler and expert on armor and uniform subjects across the world. He was instrumental in helping to create SABOT Publications, publishing 22 armor-related photo reference books during his time with the company. Chris will still continue to produce award-winning and world-class armor projects. However, a lot of his time will now be spent with his 2 new grandkids.
Thank you all for your ongoing support. Keep painting, and we look forward to moving SABOT forward into its next chapter!

SABOT Miniatures LLC specializes in miniatures, figures, paints accessories and books for the discerning scale modeler and figure painter. We carry a growing assortment of miniature, paint and accessory lines, many of which are not carried by anyone else in the United States. We were formerly SABOT Publications LLC, and produced 22 reference books on mostly modern United States military tanks and vehicles. Feel free to browse our website and check out our selection. If you have any questions, please contact us!